Jon Atkinson

Jon Atkinson

title: "Serverless Thoughts #2" date: 2020-06-23 09:30:00.000000+00:00 slug: "serverless-thoughts-2"

After hacking yesterday through a few issues with my AWS account (transferred a domain name from one AWS account to another, but didn't remove the NS records from the original account led to some DNS confusion and AWS couldn't then verify certificates in Certificate Manager), I've managed to come to a good place with serverless.

I now have a Flask application, with multiple routes, running behind an API Gateway with a custom domain.

It's available as a cookiecutter repository at flask-serverless.

There was nothing particularly notable about getting to this point. The serverless CLI seems to behave predictably, and recovers from errors (for example, interrupted deployments) well. I was slightly confused about the need to use us-east-1 as the region due to the availability of AWS API Gateway (which seems to be available in other regions, too), but I don't want to look under that particular rock yet.

My goals for today include configuring DynamoDB to add some models to the application. It would be nice to have a serverless database and application running; I may need to look into some plugins such as serverless-dynamodb-local for development.