Jon Atkinson

Jon Atkinson

Link Roundup #5


Back after a vacation with the ChatGPT special edition. I suspect the theme of the next 5 years will be ChatGPT.

Chat GPT is the birth of the real Web 3.0, and it's not going to be fun.

As the ouroboros continues to devour itself into ever-tightening recursion (A "recursive descent"! HA!), we approach the info-bullshit singularity.

I believe the web as a way to access information is getting worse by the day. Content generated with GPT-3 is going to start to show up for every long tail search under the sun, whereas regular content is going to get even heavier with SEO keyword to survive. The web is going to get worse and worse, and the only way to get good information is with a system that can extract the signal from the noise, a.k.a ChatGPT.

Actually, does this mark the beginning of the post-bullshit era; where 'content' is all meaningless? Does bullshit actually work as a distinction against the sea of GPT sludge? This leads on to...


... Poe. An AI chatbot trained on, no I am not-fucking-kidding, Quora answers. If Quora, which was truly the poster-child of the Web 2.0 tragedy of clout-chasing (or do we just call this the race to the bottom?), thinks if can extract meaningful signal from it's corpus, please could we have Yahoo! Answers next? How is AI formed?

ChatGPT Is An Extra-Ordinary Python Programmer

ChatGPT codes like an expert beginner. It can help you be productive, but it can't be trusted.

The average CEO in a non-technical business (ie. most of them) will not be able to distinguish between the output of a capable software engineering leader with a small team, and the output of massively parallel GPT output. Even guided, I despair. The reality is going to hit the industry like a train (and, for offshore teams, like a nuclear bomb).