Jon Atkinson

I'm a technologist, with a long and varied history in high-end technical delivery and infrastructure management. I'm particularly interested in managing software teams, rapid application development, and scalability challenges.


2014 Show Podcast

On Monday night, I was on episode 12 of the 2014 Show, with Mark Steadman. We talked nonsense about tech news, game engines, and TV shows. It was a lot ...

Remote Working

There was a great discussion today on Hacker News, about experiences with remote working. I thought I'd re-post our experiences here, as my comments on the original question seem ...

Talent Spotting

There has been a common theme at work recently; talent. This coincided with a spate of "how we hire people" posts on Hacker News, so I wanted to write about ...

Leeds Hack 2

Leedshack 2 was brilliant. I'm going to write a more technical teardown on the Testled blog in the next few days, but I thought I'd just blurt out ...


I rather enjoyed Barcamp Blackpool this weekend. I've been to a lot of conferences and Barcamps this year, but I did particularly enjoy a Barcamp on my home soil ...

Obtaining GeoIP location with YQL using Python

I've a few projects coming up for 84labs which required location awareness. Location awareness works great with any recent phone, but for traditional clients, I needed to fall-back to ...

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Git Flow + Code Review

February 2016, FARM Digital

Django Performance Recipes

September 2015, London Django User Group


I'm Technical Director at FARM Digital. We're a web agency working mainly with AWS, Python, Django.


Wirehive 2013 Techie Of the Year Runner Up Wirehive 2016 Techie Of the Year Finalist

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You can reach me via email at jon@jonatkinson.co.uk.

I don't respond to cold emails from recruiters, those messages are deleted unread.